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The Only Azerbaijani Female Candidate in Georgia's Parliamentary Elections: Samira Ismayilova

Category: National minorites 


Of 30 ethnic Azerbaijanis that have put forward their candidacy for the Georgian parliamentary elections that will take place on October 8, only one of them is a woman

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Water is Life

Category: IDP Georgia 


In the local school playground the children are doing gymnastics. Villagers are going about their business, carrying water, chatting on a bench or herding their cattle.

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Morocco looks set to ease but not scrap ban on abortion

Category: Gender in the world 

Emma Batha

Every day hundreds of Moroccan women and girls put their lives at risk by seeking backstreet abortions or trying to end unwanted pregnancies themselves with needles and poison

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Iran arrests suspects after acid attacks on women in Isfahan

Category: Gender based violence 


Iran has arrested a number of people suspected of throwing acid at women deemed to be wearing Islamic headcovering improperly..

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NATO summit: Afghanistan protest over absence of women

Category: Gender in the world 


This morning, 40 men in black suits gathered at City Hall, Cardiff, surrounding one Afghan woman in bright colourful clothing holding a sign that read "TALK TO ME, NOT ABOUT ME"

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Women’s “It will be our constitution” campaign launched with 50,000 SMS messages

Category: Gender in the world 

Sami Zaptia

The German ambassador Christian Much launched the women’s “it will be our constitution” campaign by sending the first of 50,000 SMS messages at an event in Tripoli

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Brahimi urges release of Syrian women's rights activists

Category: Gender in the world 


UN-Arab League peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi demanded the release of leading Syrian women's rights campaigner Razan Zeitouneh and three fellow activists, abducted last week by unknown kidnappers

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Saudi Arabia Issues First Anti-Domestic Abuse Advert For Women & Children

Category: Gender in the world 

Sara C Nelson

The campaign is backed by the King Khalid Charitable Foundation and aims to “provide legal protection for women and children from abuse in Saudi Arabia.”

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After Prison in Syria I Cannot Ever Forget

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Khetam Bneyan

The author was imprisoned after participating in a nonviolent protest and carrying a sign that read: "Only in Syria: the thinking mind is imprisoned." Since her Jan. 9 release, she has felt a responsibility to share the stories of those she left behind in that prison cell.

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Libyan Elections Give Women a 17% Starting Point

Category: Gender in the world 

Dominique Soguel

Women's representation in Libya was bolstered by a "zipper system" calling for male-female parity in parties' lists of candidates

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With a nod from parliament, Greece gets first female president

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