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Google workers around the world protest its corporate culture

Category: Gender based violence 


Organizers said Google executives, like leaders at other companies affected by the #metoo movement, have been slow to address some structural issues

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'Goddesses' to 'men only': China tech firms pledge to end sexist job ads

Category: Gender in the world 


Chinese tech firms pledged to tackle gender bias in recruitment after a rights group said they routinely favoured male candidates

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A 7-year-old girl asked Google for a job and got a personal response from CEO Sundar Pichai

Category: It`s interesting to know 


Fascinated by her Kindle Fire tablet and robots — and totally taken by the idea of working somewhere with bean-bag chairs, go-karts, and slides — Chloe decided to apply for a job at Google

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60% of women in Silicon Valley experience harassment

Category: Gender in the world 


Survey co-authored by Trae Vassallo, who testified in the Ellen Pao case, found that for women in tech and venture capital gender discrimination is common

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Google Doodle honors actress, inventor Hedy Lamarr

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Brandon Griggs and Emanuella Grinberg


Lamarr, on what would have been her 101st birthday, was honored Monday with an animated doodle on Google's search page

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Google employs just 30% women and 2% black people, report shows

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Samuel Gibbs

The data highlights the lack of women and ethnic groups in technology companies, despite much more diverse customer bases

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Can Iceland lead the way towards a ban on violent online pornography?

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Tracy McVeigh

The country prides itself on its progressive attitudes, but anti-censorship campaigners say move is a backward step

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Google to hold first “Geek Girl” meet-up in Philippines

Category: Gender in the world 

Juliana Estrella

Google is hoping that the first “Geek Girl” meet-up in the Philippines capital of Manila next week will be a boost for female technology

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A Yahoo Search Calls Up a Chief From Google

Category: Gender in the world 


Marissa Mayer, one of the top executives at Google, will be the next chief of Yahoo, making her one of the most prominent women in Silicon Valley and corporate America

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U.S. Congress puts global microscope on Google about sex-trafficking

Category: Gender in the world 


U.S. State Department 2007 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP Report), estimates that 4 to 27 million people are being kept in slavery at the same time worldwide.

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With a nod from parliament, Greece gets first female president

Barack Obama: Women are better leaders than men

Britain elects record number of female lawmakers in 2019 election


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To end slavery, free 10,000 people a day for a decade, report says

Interpol rescues 85 children in Sudan trafficking ring

Mother Teresa India charity 'sold babies'


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