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Gender policy

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Georgian Task Force Lobbies for Gender Quotas


Task Force is still working towards their goal of achieving greater women’s representation in parliament, it has already altered the discourse surrounding gender equality

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Jamaica slow to put women in positions of political power, UN report says

Rebekah Kebede

Jamaican women are largely cut off from positions of political power and need affirmative action as well as commitment from political parties to boost opportunities and train women for leadership

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Spain elects record number of female candidates to parliament


Now, women make up 39.4 percent of Spain’s lower parliament – 138 seats total, compared to 125 in the 2011 election, when women made up 35 percent of the parliament population

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First woman is elected to Saudi local council


The election was the first in which women could vote and run as candidates, a landmark step in a country where women are barred from driving

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Two disqualified as first Saudi women begin campaign for election


Gender equality in the kingdom takes a slow step forward as women prepare to stand and vote in municipal elections

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New Canadian P.M. appoints cabinet consisting of equal number of men and women


Asked why he went with gender equality in his cabinet today, Justin Trudeau said: "Because it's 2015."

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Turkish equality campaigners condemn sharp fall in female MPs


Unofficial results from polls show only 77 female MPs were elected, compared with 97 in previous vote in June

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How to get women to the top? Set quotas, says UK campaigner Cherie Blair

Belinda Goldsmith

As a young, ambitious British lawyer, Cherie Blair was firmly against imposing quotas to help advance women's careers but 30 years later she is happy to admit she was wrong

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Georgia Edges Towards More Equal Parliament


Politicians seem prepared to consider a measure that would guarantee women a quarter of seats in the legislature

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Gender policy

Europe at heart of Emmanuel Macron's Left-Right government with gender parity and female defence minister

Breakthrough as Kenya poised to elect first female governors

Political power "firmly in men's hands," global parliamentary official says


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