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Gender in the world

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Afghan Women Rally Against Gender-Based Violence


Hundreds of Afghan women took to the streets of the capital and other Afghan cities in a show of solidarity against violence and discrimination against women

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Social media gives Indonesian women new voice


Women in this social-media-obsessed country have been rallying, online and on the streets, against sexist comments and attacks on women. The response is seen as a small step for women's rights in Indonesia.

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Lebanese women take on Muslim judges who call rape a 'marital right'

Arwa Damon, Tim Hume

Lebanese women are taking to the streets to demand that the government takes domestic violence seriously, by introducing laws to protect women from abusive partners, because there is a serious gap in law in that subject.

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UN chief spotlights role of inter-faith dialogue to empower women


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon yesterday drew attention to the role of faith leaders in promoting female empowerment, noting that they can help address gender prejudices and support women’s participation in society at all levels.

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Female Afghan presidential candidate speaks on war and women’s rights

Lydia Lim

Fawzia Koofi, a current member of the Afghan parliament and the sole female presidential candidate in the country’s 2014 election, spoke on the importance of continued intervention by foreign countries in Afghanistan.

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One Billion Rising, 14 February 2013


In conjunction with the 15th anniversary, V-Day launched its most ambitious campaign to date - ONE BILLION RISING

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Shura Council members blame women for harassment

Rana Muhammad Taha

Some members call for separating men and women during protests to prevent sexual harassment, blaming women for subjecting themselves to rape

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Violence against married women in India

Sreeparna Ghosh

Violence against married women in India—can the data tell us anything?Current levels of abuse that many married women endure are scandalous and measures must be put in place to rectify them

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Women’s Leadership Breathes New Life into Bangladesh

Naimul Haq

Monashatoli, a small coastal village of 5,000 residents in Bangladesh's southwestern Barguna district, located about 470 kilometres south of the capital Dhaka, is a living model of the success of bottom-up community development.

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