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Gender in the world

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Women’s Leadership Breathes New Life into Bangladesh

Naimul Haq

Monashatoli, a small coastal village of 5,000 residents in Bangladesh's southwestern Barguna district, located about 470 kilometres south of the capital Dhaka, is a living model of the success of bottom-up community development.

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South Africa must do more to tackle ‘pandemic of sexual violence’


The United Nations human rights chief today expressed her shock and deep sadness at the rape, mutilation and murder of a 17-year-old woman in South Africa, and urged a more comprehensive approach to tackling the “pandemic of sexual violence” in the country.

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Can an American Woman Stop Domestic Violence in China?


The landmark court victory of Kim Lee, a victim of domestic abuse from her Chinese husband, may bring discussion of domestic violence out in the open in China

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Eliminate violence against women, vote MEPs at the European Parliament


MEPs support the UN structures fighting to put an end to all types of gender-based violence, inequalities and discrimination in the world. They call on the European Commission and the Member States to increase their efforts domestically.

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India Rape Ordinance Blasted by Female Activists

Swapna Majumdar

Women's rights activists in India are hailing a voluminous set of far-reaching legal proposals as a triumph of women's activism. But they denounce a governmental ordinance announced on Sunday as falling far short.

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Alexeyeva Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


Lyudmila Alexeyeva, Russia's oldest human rights activist and the founder of Moscow Helsinki Group, responded to the news of her nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize with delight on Thursday.

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UN Women Executive Director calls to end violence against women and girls


UN Women Executive Directo, Michelle Bacheletr calls for bold action to end violence against women and girls during AU Summit.Ms. Bachelet advocated for bringing women and youth to the center of Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance.

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Violence follows Syrian refugee women and children


As if the war which drove them out of Syria and the hardships of exile were not enough, refugee women and children in Lebanon are facing domestic violence born of stress, deprivation and frustration.

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New EIGE report on violence against women.


New EIGE report on violence against women highlights the need for sustainable measures for victim support and women’s NGOs -“Review of the Implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action in the EU Member States: Violence against Women - Victim Support”.

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