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Art as Activism in Georgia

Category: Gender in Caucasus 

Megan Kirby

The project, titled Crafting Women’s Stories: Lives in Georgian Felt, let local women transform their personal experiences into art

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Women photographers

Category: Exclusive 

Tamar Karelidze


It is not rare to meet the people who are fond of photography. Most of them are taking photos themselves, but few of them choose profession of photography as a career

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We need lessons in humanity from the state

Category: Exclusive 

Manana Kurtsikidze

The country insistently strives towards the EU and tries to be among those countries, where people are protected by the law and their own state; where the children with disabilities are adopted... where people with disabilities are not locked at homes living in poverty and isolation

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Millions of Young Girls Forced Into Marriage

Category: Gender in the world 

Stephanie Sinclair

How many children and teenage girls are ready for marriage? Yet the practice is shockingly prevalent: One out of nine girls in developing countries will be married by age 15, according to the United Nations...

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Tunisia’s Dark Turn

Category: Gender in the world 

Jamie Dettmer

Once it was a rare sight to see women wearing the hijab on the streets of Tunis, but no longer. Now more women do than don’t, and very few risk harassment or disapproving eyes by wearing a skirt to walk the city’s main shopping thoroughfares, even on sunny March days...

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Gender bias blocks Taylor bout against professional world champion

Category: Sport 

Johnny Watterson

AIBA rules no WSB fight allowed without headguard. Not for the first time in her career Katie Taylor has become the victim of a sexist decision by the International Boxing Association (AIBA)...

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Rayburn Exhibition Highlights Changing Landscape for Women and Girls in Afghanistan

Category: Culture 


A multimedia installation, created by ART WORKS Projects and co-presented by UN Women, documenting the dynamic challenges and successes experienced by women and girls in Afghanistan launches this week on Capitol Hill...

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Malina Suliman, Afghanistan’s Graffiti Queen

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Zeenat Nagree

Malina Suliman’s murals of skeletons in burqas are breaking down barriers in Afghanistan—and have prompted threats and attacks from the Taliban. Trained in realism in an art school in Pakistan, Suliman’s education was cut short in 2009...

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Women's Hockey Hero and Former Player Justine Blainey Celebrates 40th Birthday

Category: Sport 


As one of the most influential people in helping to give women’s hockey a voice. In the 1980s, her legal struggles with discrimination in sport made her a national figure in women’s rights and issues with equality in sport.

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2013: Victims Mourned At Auschwitz And Beyond

Category: Events 


Holocaust survivors, politicians, religious leaders and others marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Sunday.

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Austria gets first woman chancellor after video scandal

Spain's parliament leads Europe in gender-equality despite rise of far right

Modi's party promises 33 pct reservation for women in India's parliament


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Interpol rescues 85 children in Sudan trafficking ring

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