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An American Tragedy

Category: Events 

David Remnick

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces

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'Women': Annie Leibovitz unveils new photos

Category: Culture 

Angelica Pursley

"WOMEN: New Portraits" is an exhibition of newly commissioned portraits which will form the basis of a unique traveling exhibition

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Crime novelist delves deep into Armenia’s illegal sex-trafficking industry

Category: Trafficking 

Lucine Kasbarian

Since Armenia’s independence, thousands of Armenian women and girls have been taken — to Russia, Turkey, and some Arab states of the Persian Gulf — to be initiated into prostitution

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Why Working Women In China Are Taking Extreme Measures To Look Young

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Julie Zeilinger

In China, some women are going to extreme lengths to ensure success -- they're investing in cosmetic surgery

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Time's breastfeeding cover is pure front

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Victoria Bekiempis

Rather than challenging taboos, Time's shock tactics exploit society's existing shame and confusion about sex and maternity

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Why girls aren't pretty in pink

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Susanna Rustin

Two sisters forced retailers to rethink the 'pinkification' of girls' toys. Now they are turning their attention to makeup aimed at children.

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Beauty regime change: the lost art of NOT looking good

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Charlotte Raven

We all know how to look good these days. But would you dare NOT to?

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Trouble in the Stans: which is the next country to blow up?

Category: Events 

Shaun Walker

The revolution in Kyrgyzstan last week has sparked fears of similar unrest and bloodshed in the secretive and dictatorial former Soviet republics of Central Asia

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Beyoncé: saint or sinner?

Category: Culture 

Khaled Diab

As the singer prepares to visit Egypt, Christian and Muslim fundamentalists agree: Beyoncé is the root of all evil

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Angelina Jolie Is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World

Category: It`s interesting to know 


58 percent of voters responding to VF Daily's just-closed Most Beautiful Woman in the World poll think Angelina Jolie reigns supreme

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