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Israeli authorities block airport ads urging women to refuse to give up seats

Category: Gender in the world 


Campaign reminds passengers of their right to stay put if ultra-Orthodox men refuse to sit next to them

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London Orthodox Jewish leaders say women shouldn't drive

Category: Gender in the world 


Leaders of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Britain want to ban women from driving, the Jewish Chronicle reported

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Liberal Jewish women activists blocked at Western Wall

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Allyn Fisher-Ilan

Several thousand ultra-Orthodox protesters effectively blocked Jewish women activists campaigning for equal worship rights at the Western Wall

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Women “won't sit at the back of the bus” says Israeli justice minister

Category: Gender in the world 


Back-of-the bus seating for women on any public transport in Israel will soon be outlawed, the justice minister said

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In Israel, new modesty glasses for Orthodox Jewish men blur women out of their line of sight

Category: It`s interesting to know 


The ultra-Orthodox community’s unofficial “modesty patrols” are selling glasses with special blur-inducing stickers on their lenses, so that men don't have to see women they consider to be immodestly dressed

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4 arrested over calls for bus gender segregation

Category: Gender in the world 


Haredi men allegedly hire two secular teenagers to stand near Dung Gate with megaphone, call for women to board back of bus

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Ministers to adopt women's rights measures

Category: Gender in the world 


“There is no room for exclusion of women in Israel,” said the committee’s chairwoman Minister of Culture and Sport Limor Livnat, at the start of the meeting

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Israeli women fight back against Jerusalem billboard vandals

Category: It`s interesting to know 


Women in UK and US urged to send photographs of themselves to counter ultra-orthodox campaign against images of women

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Jerusalem mayor battles ultra-orthodox groups over women-free billboards

Category: It`s interesting to know 

Phoebe Greenwood in Jerusalem

Female models erased from advertisements across city after religious lobby brands the images as offensive

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Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav gets 7 years for rape

Category: It`s interesting to know 


Israel's Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the rape conviction of former President Moshe Katsav and ordered him to begin serving a seven-year prison term next month, a landmark decision that culminated a sordid five-year saga

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