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Tamara Mearakishvili tells reasons for her hunger strike

Category: Gender in Caucasus 


Tamara Mearakishvili, a South-Ossetian activist, who went on a hunger strike in connection with the criminal prosecution, including on charges of defaming the ruling party "United Ossetia"

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Emma Watson Will Be 2017’s Highest Earning Female Star

Category: Culture 


The actress looks set to reclaim her crown as Hollywood’s highest earning female star, thanks to some canny deal-making around her starring Disney turn.

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Bono first man to make Glamour’s Women of the Year list

Category: Gender in the world 


Glamour’s annual Women of the Year list always takes in a lot of territory, from noteworthy fashionistas and sports heroes to social justice activists and business leaders

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How Robin Wright Negotiated Equal Pay on ‘House of Cards’

Category: Culture 


When the actress Robin Wright was negotiating a pay raise that would make her earnings for “House of Cards” equal to those of her co-star Kevin Spacey

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Meet Maggie Doyne: 29 years old and a loving mother to 51 Nepali children

Category: It`s interesting to know 


Back west to celebrate being named CNN’s 2015 Hero of the Year, Doyne is also visiting to establish the apartment as a base for the small BlinkNow team she’s assembled stateside

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China urged to give citizenship to stateless children of trafficked North Koreans

Category: Trafficking 

Emma Batha

Campaigners urged China to give citizenship to a 'hidden generation' of stateless children born to trafficked North Korean women forced into marriage or prostitution in China

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Congolese troops raped 14 women in three days, says UN office

Category: Gender based violence 


Government soldiers raped 14 women over a three-day period in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the human rights office of the U.N. mission in Congo said in a report

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Emma Watson and Bradley Cooper praise Jennifer Lawrence for attacking Hollywood pay gap

Category: Culture 


Cooper, one of the male actors to controversially earn more than Lawrence for David O Russell’s American Hustle, laments Hollywood ‘double standard’

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Female leaders gather to underline importance of educating girls

Category: Gender in the world 


Glamour magazine event saw Michelle Obama advise an audience of hundreds of girls: read, write, go to school, beat the boys

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Pioneering Colombia aims for better record on teen pregnancy, child nutrition

Category: Gender in the world 

Anastasia Moloney

As far as the new U.N. development goals go, Colombia has done more than any other country - at least, in one respect

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