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Georgian Women March against Misogyny and Racism

Category: Gender in Caucasus 

Giorgi Lomsadze

Chanting “Women’s disobedience begins!,” scores of female protesters marched down the avenue on July 19 to oppose the misogyny, racism and an alleged gang-rape

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Indian women wear cow masks to ask: are sacred cattle safer than us?

Category: Gender based violence 


Kolkata artist Sujatro Ghosh’s latest project points to country’s veneration of cows to highlight rising violence against women

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Indian woman battered to death with bricks after being gang-raped

Category: Gender based violence 


Victim's mother had previously registered a complaint against one of the accused for pressuring her daughter to marry him

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India’s minister for women claims media exaggerate country’s problem with rape

Category: Gender based violence 


India’s minister for women, Maneka Gandhi, is under fire after telling a workshop for female journalists that India is safer than Sweden for women

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Ritual killings, witch trials go unpunished in Liberia - U.N.

Category: Gender based violence 

Kieran Guilbert

Liberia must tackle a widespread culture of impunity for perpetrators of ritual killings and trials of ordeal and put its human rights obligations before such traditional practices

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Indian Village Orders Gang-Rape Of 2 Sisters

Category: Gender based violence 


The girls, from the “untouchable” caste, are being punished for their brother’s elopement with a married woman

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Rape more frequent in Sweden than India – Women's minister Gandhi

Category: Gender based violence 


“We have four rapes per 100,000 women, while Sweden has more than 130,” Maneka Gandhi said in an interview with Swedish television channel SVT

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Indian girl who defied village court diktat found dead - police

Category: Gender based violence 

Sujoy Dhar

A teenage girl who defied a village court order to lick spit as punishment was found dead by a railway track in eastern India, with her family alleging she was raped and murdered for dishonouring the diktat

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Indian girl, 14, gang raped on the orders of a village council

Category: Gender based violence 

Nita Bhalla

An Indian village council ordered the gang rape of a 14-year-old girl as punishment after her brother was accused of harassing a female neighbour

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Pakistani woman raped, killed and hanged from tree - police

Category: Gender based violence 

Asim Tanveer

A 20-year-old woman has been gang-raped, killed and hanged from a tree in Pakistan in a case with a chilling resemblance to a double rape and murder that caused outrage in neighbouring India last month

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