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If we’re going to elevate women, some men are going to lose some power that they unjustly have

Category: Gender in the world 


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged in some frank talk, including what it’s going to take to achieve true gender parity. And he answered ‘the ultimate feminist question’

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Justin Trudeau pledges $650 million in funding for women’s abortion services worldwide

Category: Gender in the world 


Trudeau said “Like men, women should be able to choose when they want to start a family, how big their family should be, and who they want to start that family with.”

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25 reasons the whole world is obsessed with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Category: It`s interesting to know 


In honor of Canada Day on Friday, July 1, here are 25 reasons why the world is obsessed with Canada's prime minister

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Canada: parliament votes to make national anthem lyrics gender neutral

Category: It`s interesting to know 


The bill would change the English version of O Canada to remove the words “in all thy sons command” and replace them with “in all of us command”

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Canada's Trudeau defends focus on gender equality at UN women summit

Category: Gender in the world 


Trudeau, speaking at a summit at the United Nations focusing on women, reaffirmed his support for gender equality when he kicked off an hour-long discussion punctuated by repeated cheers

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Canada’s missing or murdered indigenous women may number as many as 4,000

Category: Gender based violence 


The number of missing or murdered indigenous women in Canada since 1980, previously estimated at around 1200, could be as high as 4,000

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Canada considers changing national anthem to include country's women

Category: It`s interesting to know 


Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger introduced a bill to change two words of O Canada so it recognises the country’s women as well as its men

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New Canadian P.M. appoints cabinet consisting of equal number of men and women

Category: Gender policy 


Asked why he went with gender equality in his cabinet today, Justin Trudeau said: "Because it's 2015."

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Canada's new parliament is most diverse ever

Category: Gender in the world 


Women account for 88 seats, or 26%, in house of commons. Ten First Nations MPs and at least 10 Muslims elected

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Afghan-Born Woman Wins Seat In Canadian Parliament

Category: Gender in the world 


An Afghan-born woman, who migrated to Canada with her family nearly two decades ago, has won a seat in Canada's parliament

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