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Petition of women's non-governmental organizations related to the abortion prohibition

We, Women's Non-Governmental Organizations are concerned about the discussion regarding the prohibition of abortion.

We appeal to the Gender Equality Advisory Council, the Assistant to the Prime Minister of Georgia on Human Rights and Gender Equality Issues, the Minister of Justice of Georgia, the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, parliamentarians and other decision makers to pay special attention to this topic and react to the mentioned discussions.

In 2013, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II, Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, in his epistle paid particular attention to the abortion issue and urged the government to prohibit it. The initiative resulted in an ambiguous position in society. We believe that parliamentarians and policy makers should take upon such matters more responsibility. It is not permissible to discuss the abortion topic in isolation, without considering existing health and social policy, socio - economic factors in the country. A draft law prepared in a quick and hurried manner causes dissatisfaction in a part of society and excludes taking their, particularly women’s, opinion into account. It is worth noting that most of the members of parliament, who vote on the bill, are men.

Abortion is one of the tough and painful issue for society and especially for women, who on the one hand, suffer from severe psychological stress and on the other hand, the existing socio - economic, or even information deficiency in the country does not allow them to avoid making the abortion decision. Abortion for women and men is a subject of joint decision / responsibility. However, church and society relates the abortion issue only to women. Adoption of a child due to financial or other reasons is trauma (for women, children, and father). When solving one problem raises many others, we believe that other ways and means should be found for such cases.

Women’s organizations have been talking for years about severe demographic problems created in the country, their causes, women's health and appropriate protection of labor rights, which has an influence on number of abortions. Representatives of public organizations, based on the various studies, provide recommendations; though in most cases the recommendations are not taken into account.

A reduction of abortions should be implemented by appropriate preventive measures. Preventive measure is to provide society with right and timely information. It is necessary to inform society on use of contraceptives and actively involve men in these processes. Prohibition of abortion will not significantly change demographic situation in the country, while criminal and hidden processes will undoubtedly be activated. It will cause an increase in women’s mortality rates, activation of hidden processes, which are more difficult to detect and prevent.

Non-governmental organizations working on women’s and sexual and reproductive health rights  are openly stating their position on the above issue and urge the representatives of the government not to take hasty decisions until the issue has become the subject of extensive discussion, without active involvement of civic organizations working on women’s and sexual and reproductive health rights.

Total signers: 124

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ფიქრია ცაბაურაშვილი


Georgia, დუშეთი


mzevinar aludauri


Georgia, axmeta


natia zakaidze


Georgia, tianeti


გვანცა ლუკავა

ანაკლია-კახათის სათემო ფონდი ნეფა

Georgia, ანაკლია


ანა ლობჟანიძე

სახალხო დამცველის გენდერული თანასწორობის დეპარტამენტი

Georgia, თბილისი


მარინა თაბუკაშვილი

ფონდი ტასო

Georgia, თბილისი


salome chekurishvili

ara aborts

Georgia, tbilisi


kristina Kilanava

asociacia "imedi" devnil kalta moZraoba mshvidobisatvis

Georgia, zugdidi


nino sexniashvili

patimarta,yofil paimarta daprobacionerta asociacia

Georgia, q.gori


მარინე დავითაია


Georgia, ზუგდიდი


ნათია უბილავა


Georgia, თბილისი


ფატი ბუხრიკიძე

ასოციაცია "ქალი და განვითარება"

Georgia, გორი


khatuna Tskhomelidze

kali da progresi

Georgia, ozurgeti


ლალი შენგელია

ar maqvs

Georgia, სამტრედია


თამილა ბაწაშვილი

,,სოფლის ქალები ადამიანის უფლებებისათვის"

Georgia, თელავი


Lott Törngren

not affiliated

Sweden, Stockholm


kervalishvili rusudan

gender justise

Afghanistan, tbilisi


tamar kuchava

genderuli tanascorobis kvlevisa da ganvitarebis instituti

Georgia, tbilisi


Karin Rodhe


Sweden, Lund


Malin Ekerstedt

Kvinna till Kvinna

Sweden, Stockholm


nana gavasheli


Germany, augsburg


Tinatin Japaridze

Kvinna till Kvinna

Georgia, Tbilisi


Ekaterine Potskhverashvili

Karl-Franzens Universität

Austria, Graz


Violeta Krasnic


United States, San Francisco


Elena Miyawaki

Göteborgs universitet

Sweden, Trollhättan







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