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Gender based violence

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Law to get tough on domestic violence


Committing domestic violence can result in penalties as severe as the death sentence, according to a guideline released by China's top judicial authorities

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In Response to the Official Statement Issued by the Ministry of Education and Science on Early Marriage


Public Defender Parliamentary report that the said figure did not represent only an indicator of early marriage though the analysis of the existing situation ...

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Violence against women is Turkey's "bleeding wound" -Erdogan


Turkey's president described violence against women as the "bleeding wound" of the country after a woman was stabbed and beaten to death after trying to fight off a man trying to rape her

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Turkey rallies over murder of woman who 'resisted rape'Selin Girit

Selin Girit

Thousands of women in Turkey have protested at the murder of a young woman who allegedly resisted an attempt by a bus driver to rape her

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Indian activist's car vandalized after "Shame the Rapist Campaign"

Nita Bhalla

An Indian activist who started an online video campaign to shame rapists said on Friday that her car had been vandalized and she had received emails containing pornographic images

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Over 100 women drugged and raped in Japan fake clinical study


Japanese police have arrested a man for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting more than 100 women who believed they were taking part in a medical study

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ISIS Terrorists Try to Stone a Woman to Death for Adultery

Nicholas Kurch

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 15 people, 9 of which have been women, have been executed by ISIS in Syria since July for the crimes of adultery or homosexuality

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Indian father buried his ten-year-old daughter alive


Indian father buried his ten-year-old daughter alive because he had always wanted a son and hated having a girl

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Femicide in Media

Tiko Tsomaia

The analysis makes it difficult to learn whether the public has benefited from the Media coverage of femicide or helped heighten the awareness of the problem.....

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Gender policy

Political power "firmly in men's hands," global parliamentary official says

Lebanon protests urged after man picked as first women's affairs minister

Women lawmakers face sexism, violence on job - report


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Ireland passes law making it a crime to buy sex

Flight attendant shares story of saving trafficking victim


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