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Panico first female Italy Coach


Former women’s football star Patrizia Panico will make history, acting as the Coach of the Under-16 men’s squad for two games

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Iran: Young woman expelled from national team for not wearing the veil


Dorsa Derakhshani, member of the Iranian Women's National Chess Team and the sixth world champion in under-18 games, got expelled from the national team

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IOC gives award for top woman in sport to a man


The best woman in world sport is a man. You read that right, the International Olympic Committee has given its top award for women in sport to a man

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U.S. Women's Chess Champ Says She Won't Don Hijab in Iran


U.S. women's chess champion Nazi Paikidze-Barnes won't appear at February's world championships to be held in Tehran

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North Korean gymnast who took selfie with South Korean at Rio Olympics could face DEATH


A NORTH Korean gymnast who posed for hugs and selfies with a South Korean athlete at the Rio Olympics could face harsh punishment on return to her country

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Iran Olympic protest: Woman asked to take down sign


A female Iranian activist who held a protest banner during a volleyball match at the Rio Olympics was asked to take it down and leave by security staff

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Will the Rio Olympics set a new world record for women athletes?

Umberto Bacchi

The 2012 Games were the first where women competed in every sport, but they only accounted for 44 percent of competitors

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Watch as 76-year-old woman takes on man half her age at ancient martial art


In footage posted to Facebook, that soon went viral, a 76-year-old woman can be seen holding her own at the ancient Indian martial art of Kalaripayattu — against a male opponent half her age

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Royal Troon golf club votes in favour of female membership


Royal Troon golf club, hosts of this year’s Open championship, has voted overwhelmingly to admit female members during a special general meeting

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Research on Youth Views on Gender Equality


Gender policy

Political power "firmly in men's hands," global parliamentary official says

Lebanon protests urged after man picked as first women's affairs minister

Women lawmakers face sexism, violence on job - report


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Swedish politicians visit in WIC



France arrests at least two people a day for buying sex under new law - charity

Special Report : Inside the DR Congo Mines That Exploit Children

Ireland passes law making it a crime to buy sex


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